Despite continuing losses driven by low oil prices, WPX Energy came in with barn burner results from a pad of three-mile wells in McKenzie County that averaged 5,700 BOEPD in the third quarter.

The highest 24-hour rate was 8,686 BOEPD (84 percent oil) on the Omaha Woman 24-13-12 HD well.

“We feel very comfortable in our ability to drill 3-mile wells,” said Chairman and CEO Rick Muncreif.

Williston Basin third quarter production averaged 68,700 BOEPD (oil was 51,200 BOPD) compared to 63,300 BOEPD in the second quarter. WPX completed seven Bakken wells and nine Three Forks wells.

The company cited production results from four two-mile wells, which averagef 3,800 BOEPD while the top producer, Wolverine 21-22HD well, had an initial 24-hour production of 4,922 BOEPD.

Muncrief said the company has drilled several dozen three-mile wells. “Those are the kind of unique situations where you have a three-mile development that you would rather not do, certainly a two and an individual one,” Muncrief said.

The company has added a completion crew and continues to work on completing its merger with Devon Energy.