The Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation in December continued to impose fines on delinquent operators over their failure to respond, file reports or clean up abandoned well sites.

The board reduced a $13,750 fine to $6,875 against Shadwell Resources LLC of Houston on the condition that it could substantiate the new ownership of its salt water disposal well in Richland County.

The board had previously ordered Shadwell to stop operations at the Velma SWD 1-10H well in Sec. 10, T23N-R58E  after its inspectors cited two spills, an overflowing dumpster with filter socks, no weed control, open containers with oil fluids and a leaking tank.

The company had been unresponsive, but a company official told the board in December it had sold ownership of the well April 30, 2020.

In other action, the board fined Zeiders Bros. Oil & Gas, LLC of Tulsa $1,000 and an additional $250-a-day fine for each day it did not take action to plug and abandon its McCone County well, Rudolph Haynie 1-5 well in Sec. 5, T22N-R47E.

The company owes outstanding fines of $10,500 and no representative showed up before the board.

Roland Oil and Gas of Cutbank, MT was fined $1,000 on top of an outstanding fine of $1,400 for failing to show up before the board for failing to file production reports.

The board waived an outstanding fine of $1,860 against ANG Holding (USA) Corp. of Calgary for failure to file production reports after the company asked for an exemption because it is not producing any of its wells.