TC Energy Corp. said it will start construction in April on the 1.2 mile section of the Keystone XL crude oil pipeline that crosses the Canadian border and will also implement pre-construction work in February on the US section of the pipeline.

The $8 billion pipeline that will move 830,000 BOPD has been delayed for ten years by lawsuits filed by environmental and native Indian groups.

TC notified the US District Court in Montana that it would start mobilizing heavy construction equipment in Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska.

Work on the border-crossing segment is subject to receiving federal approvals, including a right-of-way and temporary use permit, TC said. President Donald Trump last March signed new approval for the pipeline, a move in his administration’s pursuit of “energy dominance,” or maximizing production of oil, gas and coal for domestic use and exports.

Congested pipelines have resulted in lower Canadian prices and government-ordered production curtailments in the province of Alberta.