EOG Resources disclosed it is able to achieve lower well completion costs by employing “Super-Zippers” on multi-well pads in the Bakken and DJ basins.

While more widespread use has been in the Permian and Eagle Ford basins, EOG praised the technique as it moved it to other assets—particularly on 2.5-mile and 3-mile wells.

“We piloted and perfected a super zipper logistics in our Eagle Ford play and the collaboration between operating areas has accelerated its adoption throughout the company,” said CEO Bill Thomas

“We began our initial experiments with this technique back in 2019, and it has since advanced to consistently deliver the expected well results at lower cost,” said CEO Bill Thomas. “This practice involves using a single spread of pressure pumping equipment to complete four more wells on a single pad. We split the equipment’s capacity in half simultaneously pumping on two wells, while conducting wireline operations on the remaining wells.”

Water and sand costs have been reduced by 7 %.

The technique will also be employed this year in the Powder River Basin where EOG has three rigs drilling and expects to complete 45 wells. An estimated 1,670 well locations in Wyoming have been identified.

The company plans five well completions in North Dakota this year.