Thirty three Democratic legislators including former Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren want President Biden to shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline while a court ordered environmental review is underway.

They contend the  U.S. Army Corps failed to consider the potential impacts of the crude oil pipeline originating at Stanley, ND on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and other communities when the corps issued a permit allowing it to cross under Lake Oahe.

“By shutting down this illegal pipeline, you can continue to show your administration values the environment and the rights of Indigenous communities more than profits of outdated fossil fuel industries,” the letter from Democrat congressmen and senators said.

Last summer Judge James Boasberg of the US District Court for the District of Columbia ordered the 1,172-mile pipeline emptied of oil while the environmental studies are underway. He was scheduled to make a final decision April 9 after several appeals delayed final action.

Since its completion in 2017, the pipeline ships on average 570,000 BOPD to a terminal at Pakota, Illinois.