kelcy warren

Kelcy Warren

“It is not going to happen,” declared Kelcy Warren, executive chairman of Energy Transfer Partners. “We are not going to shut down the pipeline.”

He was referring to the controversy over the Dakota Access Pipeline, which moves 40% of the crude oil from North Dakota to the Gulf Coast.

The issue of stopping the oil from moving on the pipeline came up when a federal judge ordered the pipeline to stop operating while a new environmental impact study was underway.

The July 2, 2020 action by Judge James Boasberg of the US District Court for the District of Columbia was immediately appealed and the issue of closing down the pipeline was delayed until the completion of the study by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Warren made the declaration Wednesday at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference when asked about the status of the pipeline built by Energy Transfer carrying up to 570,000 BOPD from Stanley, ND 1,172 miles to Patoka, IL where it connects with pipelines to the Gulf Coast.

Warren said he has received every assurance from the Corps that the pipeline will not be stopped. “I can’t see it,” he said.

Moreover, the construction work on the pump stations at Linton and Johnson’s Corner will be completed in the fourth quarter, Warren said. That will enable the pipeline to move as much as 750,000 to 800,000 BOPD and even 1 million barrels “with a little tweaking”, Warren said.