As daily production jumped back over 1.1 million BOPD, North is “back on the road with healthy production” and could see even more drilling on Federal land if Joe Biden is elected president, according to Lynn Helms, director of the ND Dept. of Mineral Resources.

“A change in administrations might mean more drilling on federal land,” Helms said. The reason is producers are concerned that drilling would be blocked after Jan. 21, 2021 if Biden assumes the presidency.

That is why Helms sees more applications for drilling permits and already there is a slight increase in drilling rigs—now up to 14—and more activity on Fort Berthold.

The state reported earlier in October that August production reached 1,164,432 BOPD up 12% with an increase of 122,351 BOPD coming from 15,144 wells. Most of the increase was attributed to shut in wells coming back on line and there still remains about 100,000 BOPD of production still temporarily stopped.

In August, there were 19 wells completed and another 846 were waiting on completion.

Williston Basin oil prices were averaging a little over $31 a barrel in August and September compared to $40 a barrel for the benchmark West Texas Intermediate crude.

August gas production was also up to 2,302,456 Mcf a day with a 91% gas capture ratio. The statewide gas flared volume from July to August increased to 214,933 Mcf per day while Bakken gas capture increased to 93%.